Cuerpos de Agua ~ Bodies of Water

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"Cuerpos de Agua ~ Bodies of Water" explores body-land relationships, focusing on my experience as an uprooted body. The installation, encompassing video performance, sound, photography and textiles, examines what my body has gone through and how its ties to a specific territory are transformed by migration. Having grown up in Venezuela, the landscape in which I feel most at home is the Venezuelan-Caribbean coastline and the liminal space of its beaches. All of the works in the installation depict this space, or were materially produced there. When I am away from it, the tie that binds my body with the land is not broken, but rather transformed and reconfigured. I point to this figure-ground connection through both the physicality of the work and the specific environment in which it was created: the videos depict it, and the cyanotypes are material results of interactions between my body, photographic chemicals and the sun, ocean, salt and sand.

Where it's been: - "Making Spaces", curated by Karina Roman Justo at Sur Gallery, Toronto, ON.

-GradEX 105

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About the artist
About the artist

Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz is a Venezuelan emerging artist based in Toronto. Her practice is largely influenced by the ongoing Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis, and by her own positionality and lived experience within it. Through her work she currently explores memory, human-land relationships a, ... View full profile

Toronto, ON
Partial artist since 2020

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